Saturday, 30 January 2016

Recommendation as a Microservice

Recommendation as a Microservice

Successful e-business is using recommendations and this has become a standard. Good recommendations can increase conversion rate by significant percentage. In such cases recommendation engines are worth money spent. But they don't need to be expensive.

Low cost recommendations for everybody

Development state of machine learning platforms is significant and situation is mature enough to make recommendation just as a simple and cheap service.

How about exposing recommendation engines via secure queues available to every business and organization. Such queues are already available. Great example of such service are PubNub queues. This is great simple and secure technology designed for new Internet of Things era.

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How about just subscribing to a secure queue and receiving recommendation in 200 ms? Secure PubNub queues are accessible right now. You can have your own queue in just couple of clicks. What if on the other side of the queue is micro-service delivering recommendations on demand. Your personal instance of recommendation engine. Technology is available right now.

See my recommendation engine demo serving recommendations via queue.

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To have recommendations you need to train your engine with data related to your business. How to do it? Again secure queue is a solution. Just subscribe to your queue and publish fully anonymous data (just ids) to your personal instance of recommendation engine.

Training of Recommendation Engine.

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Trained machine learning engine is just subscribing back to your queue and serving personalized recommendations tailored only to your needs.

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The engine can be deployed anywhere. In-house or in the cloud like Amazon's AWS. It can be just rented for some time or just for a finite number of recommendations. Deployment models are fully flexible. Just imagine your solution!

Endless Possibilities

And now! What if we need another service? If we want to answer another question? Some examples. How long is my customer going to stay with me? When is the customer going to buy the product again? What to do to make him/her stay?


  • Good recommendation is not a luxury. It is available at hand. Just great service at low cost.
  • You don't need data scientists or big IT departments to have it.
  • You can integrate it with your platforms in super easy and secure way.